Quest to track down life-saving twin boys

Mary Davies wants to track down her crib-mates from her time as a baby in Colac Hospital in 1938.

Mary Davies is on a mission to track down the twin baby boys who saved her life when she was born three months premature in 1938 in Colac Hospital.

The former Colac district resident was born at 3.30am on February 13, 1938, and doctors and nurses believed she was dead after complications with her birth.

Mary said the doctor placed her on a steel bench in the room and it was only luck that a nurse saw her shiver and told the doctor she believed the small baby was actually alive.

The doctor told the nurse she could try to revive the baby but he was busy ensuring Mary’s mother made it through the birth.

Mary said she weighed fewer than three pounds at birth, but they were only able to weigh her a “couple of days” after the birth.

“They didn’t want to touch me much because I was so weak, and so small and so tiny,” she said.

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