Barongarook volunteer earns national recognition

Barongarook’s Lynette Harris will receive an Order of Australia Medal today, recognising her community work.

Barongarook’s Lynette Harris’s 49 years of volunteering and service to women within the region have earned her a coveted Order of Australia Medal.

But the humbled volunteer says she has felt fortunate to volunteer and that her work has never been about recognition, but to help people in need.

Lynette Harris is one of three Colac district residents to receive an Order of Australia Medal today, which recognises a citizen’s achievement or service to fellow citizens, and received her medal for her service to women in Victoria.

Lynette said she felt privileged she had been able to reach out and help people through her work with various organisations.

“I enjoy what I’m doing and I’ve done it for a long time,” she said.

“I don’t do this for recognition, I have never done it for recognition, I’ve done it because I have enjoyed doing what I’m doing.”

Lynette joined the Country Women’s Association and began her volunteering in the late 1960s while she and her husband farmed at Carlisle River.

“I was asked if I would like to join CWA, I didn’t know what CWA was all about,” she said.

“I hadn’t heard of the CWA and I went along to their first meeting and the CWA ladies at Carlisle were wonderful and the friendships began.”

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