Call for a permanent intersection solution

VicRoads has installed temporary speed reductions and electronic safety message boards to warn drivers about the approaching intersection at the Colac-Lorne Road and Birregurra-Forrest Road intersection.

Barwon Downs Fire Brigade captain Gavin Brien says VicRoads’ safety improvements at a Birregurra south crash hotspot are a start but not an ideal long-term solution.

VicRoads has installed temporary speed reductions along the main road and side road approaches of the Colac-Lorne Road, Birregurra-Forrest Road intersection.

VicRoads installed reflective bollards to warn drivers of the upcoming intersection and placed two electronic signs on the side roads displaying safety messages.

The safety improvements come after three horror crashes at the intersection which occurred within five days over Christmas.

The crashes included the death of a Batesford man and resulted in 18 people requiring medical attention.

“That’s a temporary fix but not an ideal long-term solution,” Mr Brien said of the reduced speed signs.

Mr Brien said the reduced speed limits on the Colac-Lorne Road could help people take more care when approaching the intersection but said he hoped the main road would return to a 100 kilometres per hour speed zone.

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