New database tracks threatened species

Conservation Ecology Centre’s Dr Jack Pascoe says a new database showing extensive information about threatened species in the Otway Rangers is soon to become publically available.

More than 11,000 records of threatened species in the Otway Ranges will be made publically available thanks to Cape Otway’s Conservation Ecology Centre.

The centre has compiled a new database to help Otway land managers and researchers narrow their focus during conservation efforts.

“It will allow land managers to make sensible decisions when planning their site operations or doing predator control,” Cape Otway Conservation Ecology Centre’s Jack Pascoe said.

The database includes accounts of the region’s birds and mammals and is based on community observations and targeted research, some of which is decades old.

“We had found data that had simply dropped off the radar,” Dr Pascoe said.

He said it was “very uncommon” in Victoria to have access to extensive area-specific data.

The centre will use the data to better understand protected species such as the spotted-tail quoll, previously thought be extinct in the Otways, and the long-nosed potoroo.

“It really gives us a better understanding of where they are and where they have been.”

Conservation Ecology Centre chief Lizzie Corke said the project would address gaps in the centre’s knowledge about numbers of threatened species and their exposure to particular risks such as bushfire and feral predators.

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