Five cousins featuring in Imps’ senior team

Five Finn cousins played together in the Colac Imperials’ win on Saturday, from left, Ryan, Damon, Shaun, Kallan and Brandon Finn.

The Colac Imperials’ breakthrough win against the Western Eagles was made more special for Colac’s Finn family, with five cousins featuring in the come-from-behind victory.

Youngest cousin Ryan, 18, has been the latest to join the senior ranks this season alongside brothers Brandon, 29, Kallan, 24, and Damon, 22, and another cousin Shaun, 34.

Brandon said it was a special day to have all the Finns playing together, making up almost a quarter of the team.

“It was a pretty good day, it’s actually the first year that myself, Kallan and Damon have played together as well,” he said.

“Damon travels from university in Ballarat and Kallan is actually living and working in Melbourne, so I didn’t think I’d get a chance to play alongside them.

“And Ryan’s come in the last few weeks as well and is coming along really well, he took a good mark in the last quarter on Saturday which could have saved the match; he’s really calm and collected.”

The cousins are the descendants of Michael and Dorothy Finn, nee Scott, which makes them distant relatives of fellow Imps footballers Bailey and Campbell Scott, and Steven, Sam and Jarryd Cass, while Jeremy Spokes has recently married into the family with Jess Finch.

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