Community thanks paramedics

Colac district residents had the opportunity to reflect on the service of Ambulance Victoria officers for Thank a Paramedic Day this week. Colac paramedics pictured from left are Peter McCarney, Sue Gorman, Lachlan Garvey, Tash Walker and Libby Dempsey.

Colac district residents have thanked local Ambulance Victoria officers for their service to the community through Thank a Paramedic Day.

Yesterday’s Thank a Paramedic Day was extra significant this year, with Ambulance Victoria celebrating its 10th anniversary since Victoria’s previous rural and metropolitan services amalgamated.
Colac paramedic Peter McCarney has worked as a paramedic across Australia, including in Queensland, Melbourne, Geelong and now Colac.

The ambulance officer of “about 15 years” said he became a paramedic to follow his interests in medicine and supporting others.

“It is a meaningful and rewarding support role to contribute to a community that I value,” Peter said.

He said Thank a Paramedic Day was important because it recognised the contributions of paramedics to their communities and gave patients the chance to reflect.

“I guess it gives people who have been recipients of our care, it gives them an opportunity to reflect on their gratitude.”

Ambulance Victoria chief Tony Walker said that while paramedics and volunteers didn’t expect to be thanked for doing their job, they appreciated messages of support from patients throughout the year.

“Days like today are also a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community we serve and acknowledge the important role they play in helping us to deliver the best care we can to those in need,” he said.

“We know that most people in their day-to-day lives probably don’t give much thought to the service we provide, and we understand that they just want to know that we’re here when they need us – and I assure you, we are.”

Mr Walker said the 135-year history of ambulance services in Victoria drove paramedics to consistently improve patient outcomes today.

“Since ambulance services were born in Victoria 135 years ago, they have been supported by the community. It’s this constant support that drives Ambulance Victoria to continue to innovate and deliver better patient outcomes,” he said.

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