Fundraiser challenge for family

Jamie Bell and Catherine Ross

Barwon Downs resident Catherine Ross has been fighting bowel cancer for the past four years, experiencing the ups and downs of treatments, trials, scans and results.

But the 32-year-old says she is choosing to focus on the positives and direct her attention to making a positive impact on the community and next month’s Jodi Lee Foundation trek, which she is completing with her husband Jamie Bell and their friends and family.

“As all cancer patients would tell you, you lose a lot of control over most aspects of your life and fundraising is something that you can work on which has a positive impact,” she said.

“You have a little bit of control over something; It helps you feel like you are doing something proactive, not just for yourself but other people as well.”

Catherine was diagnosed with stage three bowel cancer at 28. She underwent two large operations and chemotherapy after each one, but Catherine said chemotherapy was no longer effective for her.

She said she was now battling secondary bowel cancer, a diagnosis she received in 2015, and had undergone clinical trials and different forms of chemotherapy, all of which have failed to supress the cancer’s growth.

Catherine underwent selective internal radiation therapy to specifically target tumours on her liver within the past week, and will find out in a couple of months if the treatment was effective, and said she was looking at more clinical trials or overseas treatment because she was running out of mainstream medical treatment options in Australia.

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