Gun bowlers join Ocean Grove

Five of Corangamite bowls’ top bowlers are set to part ways with the association and test themselves in the Geelong-Ballarat Premier League with Ocean Grove.

Leigh McIlvenny

The Corangamite association’s best young talents; Lorne’s Leigh McIlvenny and Colac’s Will Collihole, headline the list of Grove recruits that also includes Apollo Bay premiership players Craig Rippon, Mark Featherston and Paul Cameron.

They join former Central star Chris Price at the coastal club.

Rippon said it was a tough decision to part ways with Apollo Bay and the Corangamite association but said the bowlers felt the time was right to test themselves at the higher level.

“We just wanted to have a go at playing in the premier league, we’ve got a couple of mates there and it’s an opportunity to play a good level of bowls before we get too old,” he said.

“It’s hard to leave the boys from down here because we’re pretty close mates, but this was something we wanted to do.”

Collihole, McIlvenny and Featherston were among Corangamite bowlers to represent the West Coast region at state championships this year.

Collihole also claimed the title as Corangamite bowls champion of champions for the third time in five years over the summer.

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