Mixed response to vaccinations

Immunisation programs are available for children in Colac.

Colac Otway Shire’s immunisation rates for one and two-year-olds are above the national average, but immunisation rates among five-year-old children fall below the national average.

Council chief executive Peter Brown said 94.87 per cent of infants from 12 to 15 months old in the shire were fully immunised, which was higher than the national average of 94.02 per cent.

In the 24 to 27 month age group, 92.19 per cent of Colac Otway Shire children are fully immunised, which is more than the national average of 90.63 per cent.

Mr Brown said 94.12 per cent of children aged between 60 and 63 months in the shire were fully immunised, which is below the national average of 94.62 per cent.

Corangamite MP Sarah Henderson said data for the September 2018 quarter revealed nation-wide immunisation rates for five-year-olds had increased from 94.42 per cent in the June quarter.

“Throughout Victoria immunisation rates are at 95.48 per cent,” Ms Henderson said.

“Parents are hearing the message about the benefits of vaccinations and I am delighted that our public health campaigns and our immunisation programs are protecting Australians.

“Immunisation saves lives and protects lives and it is important that we keep the public informed about its benefits.”

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