Tigers planning night matches

Colac’s Central Reserve could host night matches for the Colac Tigers and Colac district league once the ground’s lighting upgrade is complete. CDFNL players are pictured using the ground for interleague training.

Colac Tigers football president Matt Gibson says night football matches will be on the agenda once a lighting upgrade at Central Reserve is complete.

The State Government awarded Colac Otway Shire Council a $375,164 Community Sports Infrastructure Fund grant last month, allowing the council to upgrade Central Reserve’s netball courts, and football and netball lighting to competition level.

Mr Gibson said the biggest benefit of the lighting was for training purposes, but the upgrade would also allow the Tigers and other Central Reserve user groups, including Colac district league clubs, to host night matches at the ground.

“The main benefit for us is for training; at the moment training has been restricted to one end of the ground, which leads to wear and tear,” he said.

“But once the upgrades are complete we will be able to have night games, local pre-season competitions, there are a plethora of options.”

Mr Gibson said he was uncertain whether the upgrades would be complete in time for next year’s football season.

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