Basketball called off due to rain on court

Colac Kookas basketballers wait as officials clear rainwater off the court during Saturday’s clash at Mount Gambier. The match was later called off.

Colac Kookas’ men’s basketball team was left stunned after Country Basketball League officials called off its clash with Mount Gambier due to rain.

The Kookas made the 3.5-hour trek to South Australia on Saturday night but only made it one minute into the clash before Colac skipper Sam Barrow slipped on the centre of the court.

Officials stopped the game after discovering that heavy rain was leaking through the stadium roof onto the court and making it slippery.

Colac team manager Peter Lemke said the teams were given half an hour for the rain to stop, but called off the match shortly after, deeming the courts unsafe.

“There was just a mist coming through, I walked across the court and it felt good, then walked back two minutes later and you could feel the moisture and it was quite slippery,” he said.

“After half an hour the court was still wet so both coaches agreed to call the game off.

“Unfortunately we didn’t get a crack but we walk away with two points, the game will be treated as a draw.”

Mr Lemke said officials considered moving the game from Mount Gambier’s showcourt to one of the club’s domestic courts, but they did not meet regulations.

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