Released man thrilled to be back on farm

Apollo Bay’s Christian Feetham has been busy spending time with his family and throwing himself back into working since leaving immigration detention a month ago.

This time last month, Christian Feetham was living in a detention facility which his mother likened to a crypt.

But tomorrow will mark the first month since Christian was released from immigration detention, and he’ll wake up at his family’s 180-year-old Marriner’s Lookout property near Apollo Bay, a location people travel from across the world to see.

The stark change of scenery is something Christian says he’s still adjusting to.

“It is a big change of scenery,” he said.

“And also the reverse way round, from going to the farm to detention, it was pretty depressing.

“To be taken off a 200-acre farm with all the freedom of it all, and then put into detention; I think it hit me harder.

“You get people who have just overstayed their visa, they’ve never been incarcerated and then they’re put in detention, and they just can’t wait to get out of there because they’re not used to that environment.

“I was kind of like them, I had my freedom, and then it was all stripped of me.”

The Herald began following Christian’s detention in August, after the 42-year-old was detained in April and sent to a Federal Government detention centre at Maribyrnong, before being transferred to a similar facility at Broadmeadows.

Christian’s legal representative confirmed with the Herald in August that the government cancelled his visa because his criminal record, including four years’ incarceration, meant he didn’t pass a character test subjected to all Australian visa holders.

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