Wastewater progress pleases resident

Sharon Bradshaw

A Forrest resident says an option to upgrade the town’s wastewater system has struck a balance between managing growth and safeguarding against overdevelopment.

The Forrest Community Group wrote to Victoria’s Water Minister two years ago outlining wastewater issues, with aging septic tanks causing an odour following busy periods and high rainfall.

A Colac Otway Shire Council audit identified that some sceptic tanks discharged wastewater into public drains, with 39 properties considered a “high risk”.

Barwon Water has since presented a plan to upgrade the town’s wastewater and will now prepare a business case for a “preferred option” following “extensive community consultation” and the council’s support.

The “preferred option” involves an estimated $10.1-million upgrade of on-site wastewater systems to contain wastewater on individual properties, with an additional centralised system to handle excess.

Forrest resident and business owner Sharon Bradshaw said she was pleased the business case was progressing, with the “public health issue” stretching back at least a decade.

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