Firefighters head to Gippsland

A team of 22 Otway Forest Fire Management Victoria employees flew to Gippsland to help contain a fire at Rosedale.

Colac district firefighting crews are at Gippsland this week to assist firefighters in keeping a fire at Rosedale contained.

A Department of Land, Water and Planning Barwon south-west spokesperson said that the 22-person Otway taskforce flew out from Colac’s airfield at Irrewarra, and arrived at Gippsland on Wednesday night.

The team of Forest Fire Management Victoria employees replaced a team from the far-south-west district from Warrnambool to the South Australian border.

The spokesperson said that the Otway taskforce would patrol the Rosedale fire, which had been contained, and take on mop-up duties to ensure the fire remained secure.

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