Motorists call for higher limit

Geelong commuters Anna Fitzgerald and Rebecca Alexander have started a campaign to increase the speed limit of the Princes Highway between Colac and Werribee to 110 kilometres an hour.

Two young professionals working in Colac have launched a campaign to raise the speed limit of the Princes Highway between Colac and Werribee.

Rebecca Alexander and Anna Fitzgerald want the State Government to increase the speed limit on the major arterial road to 110 kilometres an hour, and have established a social media group to push for the change.

Ms Alexander and Ms Fitzgerald work in law and finance in Colac but commute regularly from Geelong, and say that although the dual highway between Geelong and Colac is almost complete, it is stuck on a speed limit from when the road was a single carriageway.

The two businesswomen created the Why Limit Us? Facebook group on Sunday to gauge community support for the change, and the page has already attracted more than 280 followers across Colac Otway Shire and the federal electorate of Corangamite.

“Every freeway heading out of Melbourne is set at 110 kilometres an hour,” Ms Fitzgerald said.

See today’s Colac Herald for more.

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