Tomatoes reach for the sky

Gus Kiesel is proud of his tomatoes as the fruit starts to ripen on his house-high plants.

Colac’s Lena and Gus Kiesel don’t let a small garden set them back.

Mrs Kiesel said her husband had been growing tomatoes between their house and the fence and had enjoyed great success this year.

Mrs Kiesel said that this year’s tomatoes were the tallest they had seen them.

“They’re so tall they reach up to the roof and he’s really proud of them,” she said.

“He grows tomatoes every year but this year they’re special, they’re really tall,” Mrs Kiesel said.

She said that Mr Keisel was 93 years old, but it didn’t stop him from caring for his tomatoes every day.

“He knows how to garden, he’s done it all his life really,” Mrs Kiesel said.

“He tends to them, he doesn’t know himself why they’re so tall, he just knows what to do,” she said.

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