Wild weather causes havoc on Ocean Road

Marengo resident Yvette Hill photographed the Great Ocean Road at Marengo after strong winds swept sand onto the road and covered a popular coastal walking track, forcing authorities to dig the track out.

Wild weather has swept sand onto the Great Ocean Road at Marengo, forcing authorities to dig out a coastal walking track.

Marengo resident Yvette Hill, who photographed sand covering a section of the Great Ocean Road on Wednesday, said she believed the sand had posed a hazard to motorists.

“I do think it can be particularly dangerous for traffic,” Ms Hill said.

“When it’s blowing there are massive gusts of sand blowing across the road as well.”

Ms Hill said wind blew the sand onto the road from dunes at Mounts Bay beach where authorities had replaced thousands of cubic metres of sand in the past two years to slow coastal erosion.

Authorities were on-site yesterday cleaning up the sand, which also covered a seaward walking track on the Great Ocean Road.

“From time to time, sand blows onto the Great Ocean Road when there is a strong easterly wind; and to keep everyone safe, our crews take care to sweep the road,” Regional Roads Victoria south-west director Mark Koliba said.

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