Facebook scam targets seniors

Val Gaylard is warning about a scam targeting older people through Facebook messenger.

Val Gaylard wants her friends to know that she hasn’t won $200,000.

Val is concerned about a social media scam involving Facebook’s messenger application that targets older residents, and which has already attempted to con people in Colac.

Scammers create a fraudulent Facebook account using the same name as a resident, and then contact that resident’s close friends using the Facebook messenger.

The scammer initiates an ordinary greeting before sharing “good news” with the victim about winning a large prize in a lottery designed to help retirees, disabled persons, workers and widowers.

The scammer then tells the resident that they think the resident might also be a winner, and that they should contact an administrator to see if they are eligible for a prize.

See today’s Colac Herald for more.

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