Growing interest in lifting Princes Highway speed limit

Campaigner Anna Fitzgerald with a petition to raise the speed limit of the Princes Highway between Colac and Werribee to 110kmh.

A campaign to raise the speed limit of the Princes Highway West has gained momentum, attracting support from motorists, media and parliamentarians.

But campaigners are yet to convince the State Government, and have called on the Roads Minister to release a VicRoads report that opposes the increase.

The Why Limit Us? movement calls for road authorities to increase the speed limit on the Princes Highway between Colac and Werribee from 100 to 110kmh, in line with similar major arterial roads across Victoria.

The movement has attracted close to 800 followers on Facebook, and campaign co-ordinators Rebecca Alexander and Anna Fitzgerald said they had begun a petition to parliament and had nearly 400 signatures.

The petition has the support of opposition roads spokesperson Roma Britnell as well as Polwarth MP Richard Riordan, who Ms Alexander said had agreed to table the petition to parliament around May.

The campaigners wrote to Roads and Road Safety Minister Jaala Pulford this month to ask why the Princes Highway was considered more dangerous than other roads with a 110kmh speed limit, and to request a 2018 report from VicRoads outlining its reasons for opposing raising the speed limit.

“I’d love to get a copy of that report so that we know what we are dealing with in relation to VicRoads, because it’s hard to ask questions when they have responded already and you don’t know what that response is,” Ms Alexander said.

She said the Roads Minister was yet to respond to the campaign.

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