Heart attack sidelines bowler

Simpson bowler Peter Inglis is recovering from emergency heart surgery, which has ruled him out for the remainder of Corangamite bowls finals.

Simpson bowler Peter Inglis has declared he will return to the green next season after emergency heart surgery ruled him out of the remainder of this year’s finals series.

Inglis, 64, said paramedics rushed him to Geelong on Sunday after a visit to Colac Hospital for “shoulder pain” turned out to be a heart attack.

Medical staff sent him straight in for a coronary angioplasty, in which surgeons insert a stent to prevent the artery from closing.

The successful surgery was just four hours after his initial visit to hospital.

Inglis, speaking to the Colac Herald from hospital on Wednesday, said he hoped to return home later that day.

“I’ll be out this weekend, I had a bit of a heart attack on Sunday,” he said.

“I had a bit of chest pain, but I just thought it was issues with torn ligaments in my shoulder, but it was a bit more than that.

“So I went and got it checked out, and they sent me through to Geelong and they put a stent in.

“But I’m doing okay now, I’ve got good help down here.”

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