Tourists involved in crash

Two German tourists narrowly escaped serious injury when their campervan crashed into a tour bus on the Great Ocean Road a few minutes’ drive outside of Marengo last week.

Police are warning motorists to be cautious on the Great Ocean Road ahead of wintry conditions this weekend, with another crash involving an international driver near Marengo.

Emergency services worked to clear the road following a near-head on crash between a tour bus and a campervan near the Elliot Road turnoff on Thursday, which wrecked the hire vehicle and left a busload of tourists waiting hours for a replacement coach.

Lavers Hill Sergeant Ray Doensen said two 19-year-old German tourists were driving the van west on the Great Ocean Road outside of Marengo when the driver performed a U-turn near Elliot Road and began driving back towards the town on the wrong side of the road.

“As a natural reflex she has gone to the right-hand side, and unfortunately the coach coming up hill had limited visibility.

He has moved to avoid her and she has realised her mistake and she has crossed again, but given the speed and the distance there was no chance, and she took out the corner,” Sgt Doesnsen said.

He said emergency services arrived at about 1.45pm, about five minutes after the crash occurred, with Ambulance Victoria attending to minor injuries to the campervan driver, who was released from Apollo Bay Hospital shortly after assessment.

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