Baby cousins share more than just a birthday

Cousins Ted and Mila, pictured centre, were born with complications on the same day in February. Also pictured are Ted’s family, from left, Jay, Hugo and Brea Baulch, and Mila’s family, Tasha, Charlie and Phil McCarthy. The mothers shared the story ahead of the Good Friday Appeal.

When cousins Mila McCarthy and Ted Baulch were due to be born eight days apart, their family joked of a possible shared birthday, but never wished for what would unfold.

Sisters-in-law Tasha McCarthy and Brea Baulch had induced labours hours apart in the same Melbourne hospital in February due to their babies’ separate congenital defects.

The Royal Children’s Hospital will care for both newborns this year and their Colac grandparents, Helen and David Baulch, are fundraising for tomorrow’s Good Friday Appeal.

Plans for the children’s births at hospitals in Colac and Geelong began to unravel when a 20-week scan found Brea and husband Jay’s baby Ted had heart complications. Doctors referred the birth to the Royal Women’s Hospital where urgent surgery could follow.

Then a 38-week scan for Tasha and husband Phil showed a hole in unborn baby Mila’s diaphragm and other organs pushing upwards threatening her lung development.

The condition, called congenital diaphragmatic hernia, meant doctors also referred Tasha to Melbourne’s Royal Women’s Hospital where surgeons could operate on her diaphragm at the nearby Royal Children’s Hospital.

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