Historic Colac home opens to the public

Fred and Mary Slade will open historic Colac home Airdrie on Sunday. J.G. Johnstone built the home in 1890.

People can appreciate the grandeur of one of Colac’s oldest homes when Airdrie opens its doors this weekend.

Fred and Mary Slade moved into the McDonald Street, Colac, home in 2011, and have since been tirelessly restoring the 120-year-old building.

“It needed a lot of love,” Fred said.

“J.G. Johnstone was the original Member for Polwarth, and he built the place back in 1890.”

Fred said he and Mary had hosted numerous open days since 2013 to show Colac people through their home and Guilfoyle-styled gardens to showcase a piece of Colac’s history.

Fred said that the admission fee went towards Ss John’s Anglican Church.

“St John’s Anglican Church, like all places, needs fundraising, so we help out by opening our home up,” he said.

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