Royal Children’s saved young Colac siblings

Krystle Marriner is grateful the Royal Children’s Hospital was available when her family needed it most, with two children needing care in their early lives. She is pictured with, from left, Sophie, who was born with a cleft palate, Logan, who last month injured his hands, and eldest daughter Olivia.

A Colac mother whose children needed the Royal Children’s Hospital’s care early in their lives says Victorians are “incredibly lucky to have such an amazing hospital”.

Krystle and Adam Marriner’s second child Sophie was born with a cleft palate in 2014, leading to visits to the hospital for check-ups, surgery and speech instruction since birth.

“Basically the hospital has been with us for nearly five years,” Krystle said.

Sophie’s condition meant she was born with a small hole in the back of her throat, affecting feeding and later her speech.

“She had her cleft repaired at 11 months, and she had surgery there and they inserted grommets in her ears,” Krystle said.

“We are pretty lucky that her speech team at the Royal Children’s Hospital liaisons back with the speech team at Colac Hospital. We can do instructions here.”

But the Marriner family unexpectedly returned to the hospital again last month when their youngest Logan, 1, received second-degree burns from a gas heater at home.

“It was scary and emotional,” Krystle said of Logan’s burns, which affected both of his palms.

“He was just curious; I had taken eyes off him for six seconds and it just so easily can happen.”

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