Temporary roundabout perplexes motorists

Colac resident Amanda Holt says a temporary roundabout at the Princes Highway’s intersection with the Colac-Ballarat Road lacks temporary lighting and is “an accident waiting to happen”. Colac motorists have taken to social media to complain about the site.

A Colac resident says the site of an under-construction roundabout east of Colac is an “accident waiting to happen” and is calling for better lighting and signage.

The Major Road Projects Authority has installed a temporary roundabout at the Princes Highway’s intersection with the Colac-Ballarat Road, as contractors work to duplicate that section of highway, east of Colac.

Colac’s Amanda Holt said she became confused when driving through the new roundabout for the first time last week at about 10pm.

“Coming home in the dark there are no lights on that area, I found it quite confusing and didn’t really know where I was going; even though the lights are on in the car, there weren’t enough lights,” Ms Holt said.

“I understand it is nowhere near finished yet, but it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

Authorities have reduced the speed limit at the roundabout to 40 kilometres an hour, but Ms Holt said “even at that speed I was thinking ‘which way am I supposed to be going?”

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2 Responses to “Temporary roundabout perplexes motorists”

  1. Juggy

    I think a lot of the trouble is people thinking that it’s a roundabout when it’s not yet! As it is it’s only a cross road with a roundabout under construction.

    I feel they should of built each side first, leaving the highway running through the centre, the diveted while they closed of and joined the halves.

  2. Rob

    It’s even worse turning right off the Ballarat road, I drove back to Colac from Beeac and was turning right and got half way around the roundabout and there is a Give Way sign there and the car in front just drove through and never gave way to the traffic coming from Geelong, he flashed his light and when I eventually turned I almost drove onto the old road next to the Golden Fleece, I pity anyone who is not familiar with the area, with the amount of traffic in the area lately there will be an accident there it’s only a matter of time, it is an accident waiting to happen