Historic $10,000 window smashed at hall

Police are investigating vandalism at Winchelsea’s former shire hall after someone allegedly threw rocks at a 100-year-old stained-glass window on the weekend; Surf Coast Shire Council said the window was worth $10,000.

Winchelsea’s former shire hall has been vandalised and boarded up less than a week after closing its doors.

Police believe an unknown offender threw a large rock about 150mm wide through a stained-glass window of the building on Hesse Street between 8pm Saturday and 8am Sunday.

The window was detailed with “Shire of Winchelsea” and was about 100 years old, and featured a motif in the centre.

The estimated value to replace the window is $10,000.

Police allege the offender threw two rocks, one which smashed through the window and remained inside the building and the other which rebounded off the window and was later located on the ground.

The building was unoccupied after the owner of the Winchelsea Tearooms Café, the building’s previous tenant, moved out last Tuesday.

Anybody with information about the crime should contact Andrew Osborne at Winchelsea Police Station on 52672025.

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