Golden tresses going for a good cause

Trinity College Colac student Hudson Armstrong will cut his hair this week and donate it to Variety children’s charity to provide a wig for a child in need. He is pictured with Brayden Murrell and Hayden Turner.

After four years of growing his hair, Colac’s Hudson Armstrong will be cutting his locks and donating them to charity.

Hudson, 12, will cut off his hair this week and donate it to the Variety children’s charity; the charity provides wigs to children who have lost hair due to alopecia or medical conditions such as cancer.

Hudson said he wanted to donate his hair to somebody less fortunate than himself who was in need.

“I was originally just growing it but then I decided last year that I wanted to cut it and then I decided to cut it for cancer and cut it for a reason,” Hudson said.

Variety children’s charity said one specialised wig could cost up to $6000 and lasted for two to three years, meaning the cost could be unaffordable for many families.

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