Week celebrates refugees

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School EAL support teacher Jayne Brumby says families from refugee backgrounds at the school, including Nyakoch, Nyawan and John Gerich, enrich the school’s community.

A Colac teacher has reflected on the enrichment families of diverse backgrounds have made to the community for Refugee Week.

This week is Refugee Week in Australia, with events across the country to celebrate and support the country’s refugee population.

Jayne Brumby is an English as an additional language, or EAL, support teacher at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, and said she had loved working with children with refugee backgrounds for the past three years.

“My role is to give the children experiences to build their English naturally, so we do lots of story books, playing games and cooking,” she said.

“We’ve got several families from South Sudan, we have a family from Afghanistan, they’re our main refugee countries.

“Children learn through play, so a lot of what we do is playing using puppets, building with blocks and things, role playing, so they’re developing their language by learning it as they’re using it.”

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