Young netballers following path of champion 2012 squad

by Alex Baird

A squad of Colac district representative netballers have a bright future in the sport if you compare them with the last team that qualified the region for state titles.

A Colac district 13-and-under netball team featuring, back, from left, coach Deanne Cumming, Tahlia Daniels, Ellinor Borrack, Zainab Balogun, Tully Bethune, Zara Walker, Katie Dexter, coach Georgia Robinson, front, Tara Moloney, Remy Duynhoven, Maggie Hart and Briea McLachlan qualified for netball state finals.

The CDFNL’s 13-and-under side has booked a spot in the state event at Frankston, and will become the first team from the region to feature in the tournament in seven years on June 23.

The Georgia Robinson and Deanne Cumming-coached outfit includes Tahlia Daniels, Ellinor Borrack, Zainab Balogun, Tully Bethune, Zara Walker, Katie Dexter, Tara Moloney, Remy Duynhoven, Maggie Hart and Briea McLachlan.

They qualified for state titles after reaching the final of the association championship Central Western Zone on the weekend, losing the decider to St Albans-Caroline Springs by three goals.

The last Colac district team to advance to state level was back in 2012, when their now co-coach Robinson featured in a star-studded 15-and-under line-up.

The Colac district squad from seven years ago was coached by Irrewarra-Beeac’s Julie Johnstone and had access to Colac Night Netball players.

Collingwood Suncorp Super Netball training partner Brooke Allan, her sister Kara and current Colac Tigers co-coach and state league netballer Georgie Finn were all part of the squad.

Robinson, Dallas Williamson and Ally Harrington, who have all earned Team of the Year recognition in the Colac district’s top grade during the early stages of their senior careers, were also in the class of 2012.

CDFNL’s 13-and-under netball team became the first Colac district representative squad to qualify for state titles since 2012.

2012 Colac district 15-and-under squad
Coach: Julie Johnstone
Brooke Allan
Kara Allan
Georgia Finn
Ally Harrington
Brittany Monaghan
Tess O’Brien
Liesel Park
Georgia Robinson
Zoe Uwland
Dallas Williamson

2019 Colac district 13-and-under squad
Coaches: Georgia Robinson and Deanne Cumming
Tahlia Daniels
Ellinor Borrack
Zainab Balogun
Tully Bethune
Zara Walker
Katie Dexter
Tara Moloney
Remy Duynhoven
Maggie Hart
Briea McLachlan


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