MP welcomes barrier inquiry

Polwarth MP Richard Riordan says the cost of repairing wire rope barriers like these pictured on the Princes Highway eats into road maintenance funding. Mr Riordan has welcomed an audit into a $340-million rollout of road barriers.

Colac’s state MP has welcomed an audit into wire rope barriers, after calling for a review for years.

The Victorian Auditor-General has announced it will take a close look at regional road barriers to see if they deliver on intended safety outcomes.

The public sector watchdog will examine a $340-million barrier program, which involved installing barriers on 330 kilometres of high-risk regional roads, including the Princes Highway from Colac to Geelong.

The watchdog said that despite a fall in road crash fatalities on high-speed regional roads in 2018, “some stakeholders were concerned that the barriers may not be as effective as the Victorian Government claims, and that they may exacerbate injuries for motorcyclists”.

Polwarth MP Richard Riordan said the review was long overdue, with VicRoads having no data on replacement and maintenance costs to taxpayers.

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