Online love for Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is the most “Instagrammed” road trip in the world with 87,190 posts on the social media platform using the hashtag #roadtrip, and the Twelve Apostles are a featured attraction.

Tourists and visitors are sharing the beauty of the Great Ocean Road around the world, with the iconic road becoming the world’s most “Instagrammed” road trip.

United Arab Emirates company Wecashanycar searched through more than 12 million Instagram posts that used the hashtag #roadtrip and found that the Great Ocean Road came out on top with 87,190 posts.

Hashtags alongside photos and video posts on the social media platform make content more discoverable for users.

The Great Ocean Road beat international road trip locations such as America’s Route 66, Tuscany in Italy and Hatta in Dubai.

Great Ocean Road Regional Tourism general manager Liz Price said photos of the Great Ocean Road were recognisable around the world and social media played a big part in tourism and highlighting what the region had to offer.

“People are looking for that signature memory-triggering shot, and that’s often why the road makes it an easy one,” she said.

“I think that what is so unique is the fact that you really are driving along the edge of Australia, there’s not as many places where you do such a long stretch where you really are right on the coast.

“We talk a lot about that people go through the different phases of planning, so the first part of that is dreaming and I think that’s where social media and especially Instagram play such a big role in that dream phase and it really does inspire people.

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