Recovering drug addict pushing to help others

Colac district footballer Harry Sinclair says drug addiction is an extremely isolating disease, and has helped introduce weekly narcotics support meetings in Colac, starting next month, to help drug users build connections and turn their lives around.

Colac district footballer Harry Sinclair is almost five months sober after battling drug addiction for the past nine years. Now the 27-year-old is using his experiences to help others.

Harry has organised narcotics support meetings in Colac, and has opened up to the Colac Herald’s Ben Martin to educate people about the help that is available, and fight the stigma attached to drug addiction.



Every day was the same for Harry Sinclair during the height of his drug addiction.

There were no weekends with friends, or social events.

By this stage he was relying heavily on ice and GHB daily.

One day just rolled into the next.

“It was: wake up, find drugs, ways to get drugs, or ways to get money,” Harry said.

“Then I’d use as hard and as much as I could for as long as I could,” he said.

“Then I’d realise what I’d done, assess the damage and try to start the process all over again.”

Drugs had become Harry’s everything.

They consumed him.


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