Tiger open to coach again

Outgoing Colac coach Kane Leersen, pictured with wife Georgie and son Ardy, says he thinks he will coach again in the future. But Leersen said the time was right to step back after three years in charge.

Colac co-coach Kane Leersen says he is eager to return to coaching in the future as he prepares to step down after three years in the role.

The club announced this week it had appointed fellow co-coach Rowan McSparron to lead the club in a solo capacity next year, with Leersen to step back after two years as coach, and this year as co-coach.

The 29-year-old was quick to confirm he would remain with the club in a playing capacity, saying his decision to step back was with the club’s interest in mind.

“From my perspective it’s been a wonderful opportunity, but three years is probably the right amount of time for any coach at this level,” he said.

“It’s important the guys coming through get exposed to new voices with different ideas.

“It’s probably a good time to step back to a playing capacity, it was always the idea to create a bit of a succession plan with Rowan coming in, and having the year as co-coach meant we didn’t get a complete overhaul.”

Leersen, who has two young children Ardy and Vada with wife Georgie, said stepping down from the role would allow more family time in the off-season but the commitments for player and coach during the football season were similar.

The committed Tiger dedicates five days a week to footy; Saturday to games, Sunday to solo recovery, Monday to team recovery, and Tuesday and Thursday to training.
“I’m very lucky, I’ve got a very supportive wife and she’s been there all along,” he said.

“Unfortunately stepping back won’t change the time commitments too much.

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