Mountain bikers give trail tick of approval

Forrest Mountain Bike and Cycling Club president Sandy Maxwell has backed plans to improve the area’s network of bike trails.

Otways mountain bike enthusiasts have given the thumbs-up to a proposal for new bike trails connecting Forrest to the coast and say the wider community would benefit from the project.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning revealed a draft for the tracks as part of its study into a potential coastal trail between Fairhaven and Skenes Creek.

The plan proposes 64 kilometres of new trail to add to the 124 kilometres of existing bike trails in the area, which would fill in gaps between Fairhaven and Lorne, and provide additional riding opportunities near Wye River.

Forrest Mountain Bike and Cycling Club president Sandy Maxwell said building on the mountain bike trails in the area would provide a tourism boom.

“A lot of people come to ride those type of (trails), they’re an experience,” he said.

“They’ll travel long distances and they’ll stay in the area, usually for quite some time, they don’t just do it for a day and leave, they’ll stay and venture around the area and see what else is available tourism-wise.

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