Police eager to impound cars

Police in Colac have used impound laws to confiscate four vehicles in five weeks, with more highway patrollers in the region to crack down on dodgy driving.

Hoons, speedsters, unlicensed and woozy motorists beware.

Colac’s road police have impounded four vehicles in five weeks, in a bid to rid the roads of dodgy drivers.

The latest loser to lose their wheels was a 19-year-old Balwyn man, after Colac uniform police detected the probationary driver doing 117kmh in a 60kmh along the Princes Highway on Sunday.

Police intercepted the offender at Colac East at about 1.20pm and impounded his shiny Jaguar for one month, which will cost him $1305 and a visit to Colac Magistrates’ Court.

Police said the offender caught the train home, and they would continue to enforce the speed zones in the roadwork areas of the Princes Highway.

The bust follows a string of vehicle confiscations in Colac and surrounds beginning mid-August, including a drunk and unlicensed 28-year-old who sped past an unmarked police car, a 32-year-old disqualified driver who refused an oral fluid test, and a 41-year-old pizza delivery driver who did a burnout in front of police while on the job.

The Colac Herald understands police might make an application to crush the pizza hoon’s vehicle.

Sergeant Jamie Kahle of Colac Highway Patrol said there was a range of offences which could allow police to confiscate cars from dangerous drivers.

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