County quick to join Stoneyford

Canadian cricket import Farooq Qureshi, left, has been denied a second stint with Stoneyford after having trouble securing a visa.

Stoneyford has moved swiftly to secure another high-profile international cricketer after revealing Canadian Farooq Qureshi won’t be returning to the club this season.

Premiership captain Dom Dare said the Maroon Caps were awaiting the arrival of George Edwards, a fast bowler with first-class games under his belt in the English County system.

Qureshi, who played a vital role in the club’s 2017-18 flag, was denied a second season at the Maroon Caps after having visa issues.

Dare said the club was disappointed not to have access to the talented Canadian, who made almost 350 runs and took 13 wickets in half a season of cricket two summers ago.

“It’s been two months that he’s been trying to get a visa, so there’s not much we can do about it,” he said.

“It’s disappointing not to have him again because everyone loved him.”

But Dare said Edwards was a “serious player” who was set to form a lethal combination alongside recruit Ezrah Robertson with the new ball.

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