Delays frustrate sports clubs

Colac Braves’ Bronwyn Babington and Darren Morrissy and Colac Otway Rovers’ Sam Hare are eager to see plans for the clubs’ new homes move forward. The sports clubs hope to have a new home at the former Colac High School site, but talks are continuing.

Colac’s baseball and soccer clubs are frustrated by slow progress in making their dreams of purpose-built facilities at the former Colac High School site a reality.

An impasse in negotiations over land acquisition have stalled Colac Otway Shire Council’s plans for a sporting precinct at the site.

The Colac Braves and Colac Otway Rovers came together to form United Soccer and Baseball earlier this year, to co-ordinate their efforts to accelerate a move to their new home.

Braves treasurer Darren Morrissy said that despite the club being in a healthy position in terms of player participation, its growth was limited while it played its home matches at Eastern Reserve.

“Unfortunately, at the Eastern Reserve, it’s not the ideal playing surface – it’s very undulated,” he said.

“The council can’t do what they want to do because they can’t dig there, apparently.”

The Braves played their home games at Geelong the last time they played in Geelong Baseball’s Association A Grade competition, and their outdated facilities are a major obstacle in the way of the club returning to the top division.

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