Frustration fuels road petition

Almost 1000 people have signed a petition calling for road improvements between Apollo Bay and Forrest.

Nearly 1000 frustrated residents have signed a petition to fix Apollo Bay’s road networks, as community unrest at the state of the region’s roads swells.

David Swann’s appeal for VicRoads to improve roads connecting the Bay to Colac, Forest and Skenes Creek drew 938 signatures by the time he submitted it to state MP Richard Riordan’s office on Friday.

Mr Swann said the overwhelming support his petition received was evidence of how concerned Apollo Bay residents were about the state of the roads.

“The road is in such a bad state and everyone drives it fairly regularly, if you want to go to Colac to do shopping or go to Melbourne or Geelong, you’ve really got no other option,” he said.

“Everybody that I spoke to to get the signatures has got a story of damage to their cars, having to swerve out to miss a hole and cross over the double lines, and just pure danger.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen – a major accident waiting to happen.”

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