Crash corner worries residents

Barwon Downs residents Andrew Pearson, left, and Caralyn Grgic want changes to a dangerous Birregurra-Forrest Road corner in front of their house where Wickhams Lane and Callahans Lane join. Polwarth MP Richard Riordan, centre, says more than 30 incidents have occurred at the corner in the past year.

Barwon Downs residents and Polwarth MP Richard Riordan are calling for the redesign of a dangerous corner at the township where more than 30 incidents have occurred in the past year.

The Birregurra-Forrest Road makes a right angle turn into the centre of the township, where Wickhams Lane and Callahans Lane run into the road.

Barwon Downs resident Caralyn Grgic has lived at the corner for five years and said she feared for the safety of her children and dogs.

“It seems like it’s getting worse and worse. Ninety per cent of the people that are crashing are international drivers,” she said.

“I have anxiety on the holidays, long weekends, public holidays. I don’t sleep at night, I will stir at any motor or anything, anyone going too fast, I can hear them coming, or I can judge now whether or not they’re going to crash.”

Ms Grgic said although she had a first aid certificate, she did not feel equipped to deal with people involved in accidents.

“We’re the first people on the scene because we hear it, so you can’t ignore that and we go out there and I’m just afraid that I’m going to find the worst and then how am I going to cope with that for the rest of my life?” she said.

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