Garden bears award wins

Dreeite’s Robert Retford earned a fantastic harvest of awards for his produce at the annual Colac Show.

Dreeite’s Robert Retford found success at the Colac Show with his impressive vegetable displays, but says he wishes there was more competition.

Mr Retford’s vegetables placed first in 14 categories, second in 13 categories and third twice.

“I was happy with my cabbages, some of the cows had got in and chewed some of the cabbages but they were great, they were some of the best ones,” he said.

“I got the highest number of points with cabbage, broccoli, spuds, peas, beans, pumpkins, virtually everything.

“The judge picked out the first, second and third places on display and it’s judged on how good it is on the day.

“Some people brought their vegies in on the Thursday night and by Friday it started to wilt a little bit,” Mr Retford said.

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