League honours netball legends

Netball icons Jenny Hillman, Narelle Frith, Jenny Fish and Sharon Hickey are the first netballers to earn CDFNL life membership after playing 300 games for their respective clubs.

The term “legend” is used loosely at times in local sport.

But it only seems appropriate when describing each of Jenny Fish, Sharon Hickey, Jenny Hillman and Narelle Frith for their contributions to Colac district netball.

The quartet became the first netballers to earn CDFNL life membership for playing achievements alone, after league officials announced from now on that all 300-game A Grade players would automatically earn the award.

To play 300 games at top-grade level is a mighty accomplishment.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for Hillman, Fish, Hickey and Frith.

They have each won a league medal, in total a whopping 13 between them, while that number is more than doubled when adding up the amount of premierships they have helped their individual clubs land.

Both Hillman and Frith were defenders, sharing multiple premierships together with Irrewarra-Beeac, Hickey was a once-in-a-generation midcourter for Alvie, and Fish was a key figure in the attacking end for Pirron Yallock and the Western Eagles across three decades.

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