Relocation saves mental health

Jayne Collins has opened up about her mental health battles to encourage others to stand up for themselves. Jayne says her life turned around after a move to the Birregurra district.

Colac district businesswoman Jayne Collins hopes that by sharing a glimpse of how she was at her worst, she can inspire others to stand up for themselves.

People across the Colac district know Jayne as the friendly face of Hillview Farm Cattery, but before this month few knew the reason behind Jayne and her husband Daryl’s shift to Birregurra five years ago.

The couple moved to Birregurra from Sydney in November 2014, after six months of what the pair described as living hell.

After years of working as bankers, trained accountants Daryl and Jayne started working together at a pest control company around 2007.

All was going well in their world until November, 2013. Daryl was made redundant from the company, which he says he’d been expecting for a while, and his departure was civil and smooth.

It was the next morning though, when things began to “unravel”.

“I came in (to work) the next day, and that’s when it started,” Jayne said.

“It was bullying; undermining my position, giving parts of my role to other staff, taking away authorities I had, having meetings in offices that I should have been involved in but I wasn’t, it was very overt in that way.

“Though I was suffering more and more anxiety, with Daryl out of work at that time I needed to keep my job.”

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