Dad’s Porsche impounded after son caught speeding

A Melbourne man has had his father’s Porsche impounded in Colac, after he overtook police on the Princes Highway and drove at 50kmh above the speed limit. Checks revealed the man was also a disqualified probationary driver.

A Melbourne driver has some seriously awkward conversations ahead with his father, girlfriend and a magistrate, after police impounded his daddy’s Porsche outside of Warncoort yesterday.

Police intercepted a 24-year-old Maribyrnong man when he overtook an unmarked vehicle at high speed on the Princes Highway after 1pm, with the driver allegedly travelling at 150kmh in a 100kmh zone.

A licence check revealed that the driver had a disqualified probationary licence and was driving his father’s car, a 2014 Porsche wagon.

See today’s Colac Herald for more.

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