Regional Victoria’s case numbers fall

COVID-19 case numbers continue to fall in Victoria, with active cases now below 1000.

Victoria has recorded 42 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours, and eight more people have been added to the death toll.

There are 107 Victorians in hospital, with 11 of those in intensive care and six on ventilators.

The number of active cases in Victoria has fallen below 1000, falling to 991 in the past 25 hours after being at 1040 yesterday.

Regional Victoria has 37 active cases, down from 42 yesterday.

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There have been 3.9 average cases a day in regional Victoria over the past fortnight.

Premier Daniel Andrews encouraged people with even mild symptoms to get tested.

“Don’t put it off, don’t delay, please step forward and get tested,” Mr Andrews said.

“We are defeating this second wave but we’ve just got to stay the course,” he said.

The State Government has today announced that elective surgery will resume in Victorian hospitals, due to falling COVID-19 cases. Surgeries will gradually ramp up in accordance with the roadmap timetable. Regional Victorian hospitals can start scaling up surgery activity from tomorrow.

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