Disposing of an old car?

How do I get rid of my old car?
Do you have an old car that’s sitting around collecting dust and rust? Perhaps it was your pride and joy in your youth – but the cost of making it roadworthy again is so high it’s simply not worth it. If you own an old car and it’s definitely not a fixer-upper or a vintage diamond in the rough, you may be thinking of disposing of it. How can you get rid of your car safely and perhaps even make a bit of cash for your efforts? We show you how.
Is it worth anything?
Just because your car is old doesn’t necessarily mean it is a collector’s item. If you really aren’t sure about whether your rust bucket is worth salvaging, you need to call an independent valuer or someone who is knowledgeable about automotive history to take a look at the car. If you’re sitting on a 1967 Dodge Charger, it could be well worth your while to take it for repair and bodywork to make it roadworthy again. If it’s an 80s era Holden Camira or Datsun 120Y, no one will bat an eyelid once it’s cubed.
If your car is still roadworthy, you could sell it on the open market or trade it in. If it’s quite old, it may not bring the price of a new car down by much.
Selling it off
If an independent valuer says it may have some value to someone, you can sell it on the open market. You will need to get it inspected so you can get a safety certificate. This will tell any potential buyer what is wrong with the car and what needs fixing to get it up to roadworthy. Of course, this may be worth more time and effort than it’s worth, so the scrapyard is the next best option.
Scrapping your car
Scrapping your car at a wreckers or scrap dealer means you’ll get a small fraction of the price for selling it – you are essentially selling it for its raw materials, which must be stripped and melted down for resale elsewhere. You can try and haggle with your scrap dealer but usually their first offer is their last word; and hauling your junk around can add up if you need to pay for towing. If your car can at least get there under its own power, you may get a bit more money for it.
Selling off for parts
The most lucrative option is selling off your car for parts. As older car parts become rarer, they may be in niche demand by collectors and enthusiasts. You can sell your entire car to a “pick a part” or self-serve wrecker, where the general public can bring their own tools and strip the car for the parts they need.
You can make a bit more money selling individual parts on Facebook Marketplace, eBay Motors, or Gumtree. You’ll need some mechanical knowledge to avoid damaging the parts, take photos, and post them to the various platforms which can also take a bit of time.
You can get rid of a clunker and get some money for it – just don’t expect a small fortune, unless you’ve got a classic on your hands! Want more information? Here’s a helpful car disposal FAQ.

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