Business Cards

Business cards are an intimate yet low-cost method of advertising your business and its unique services.

At Colac Herald Commercial Printing we can print business cards any size you require and on a wide variety of materials, ranging from specialty board to 310gm hi-bulk artboard.

As simple or as detailed as you like, business cards from Colac Herald Commercial Printing can be laminated gloss or matt, printed both sides and feature artwork you’ve designed and provided .

And if you don’t have your own artwork or want a new look, then get our qualified Graphic Artists to design an eye-catching logo to promote your business to the world.

Speed is of the essence is today’s high-paced world and the turnaround time on our business cards is as short as 24 hours, once the client has approved the artwork.

At Colac Herald Commercial Printing we give our clients what they want and happily provide proofs – either by email, fax or hard copy – before the final print.

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