Coastal viewers get digital reprieve

Colac Antenna Service’s Ivan McCallum turned off the analogue TV transmitter at Warrion yesterday at 9am.

Authorities have reassured Apollo Bay television viewers they will continue to receive analogue transmission despite yesterday’s planned switchover.

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2 Responses to “Coastal viewers get digital reprieve”

  1. Rhiannon Cox

    How do I find out who lodged the VCAT action in Apollo Bay and how do we find out the projected outcome date?

    1. Hi Rhiannon,
      VCAT makes case details available to people involved in the case, such as developers and objectors as well as the council.
      But VCAT does not make these details available to the general public or media. We only know a case will be at VCAT if people involved come forward and tell us.
      Projected outcome dates for VCAT cases are difficult to gauge because the tribunal can hold off its decisions in order to request more information from the objectors or developers.
      The Colac Herald would love to hear from people on both sides of this debate who are willing to comment for more articles.
      We are also regularly checking for updates on the case.
      Thanks for your query.
      David McKenzie,

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