Mining application attracts concerns

NO MINES: Apollo Bay’s Gary Riches says he is worried about a mining company’s application to explore for mineral sands in the district after reading an advertisement in The Colac Herald.

AN APOLLO Bay man says he is “majorly concerned” about a mining company’s plans to explore the region for resources.

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4 Responses to “Mining application attracts concerns”

  1. Its not all about money! Vast tracts of Australia’s dwindling arable land are being chewed up by mining companies making a quick “buck”. Farmers across Queensland and NSW are begining to suffer the consequences of a mining free-for-all. You can have your “lifestyle” Weiry for the 10 or 20 years mining delivers, but once they’ve dug it all up and moved onto their next project, all we’re going to be left with is a chunk of ruined farmland.

    1. My apologies for mentioning “money” and lifestyle and not mentioning the impact on the country due to land clearing from irrigation. Also I neglected to mention the “money” and rehabilitation programs that the mining giants implement when projects have ceased. Please advise of any of these programs that irrigation farming implements, as I worked on a large irrigation property in QLD for a number of years and did not witness any of these programs. This country rides on the sheeps back or does it?

  2. I’ve been in the mining industry for nearly 10 years and have contributed a lot of our lifestyle and money back to the communities where my family have lived. I believe the correct environmental policies are followed by the mining giants and also the huge benefits from them that in turn are returned to the community in some way or another.

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