Colac homophobia shocks comedian

A homophobic slur in Colac shocked comedian Joel Creasey.

A HOMOPHOBIC slur in Colac has shocked a popular comedian during a trip to the city.

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4 Responses to “Colac homophobia shocks comedian”

  1. I feel that 70% of people in Colac don’t care about sexuality. Though that “minority” of 30% still persist to lower [Colac’s] image which can be seen in this article. Homophobia is much more prominent in provincial areas however that will never excuse such a matter. Colac needs to educate its youth to be much more open about things which enable kids to be informed about what sexuality is and how we need to respect it. Though it will probably never happen, we must also educate our kids about other forms of sex!!!
    This ‘young man’ who says he “hates” Gays [poofters] could even be classified into his own category, a category which many Colac people are in. That category is uninformed, not willing to be informed and old fashioned people who I am sure we know at least one of them here in colac!! The entire category is pathetic, pointless and needs to go!

  2. This reeks of ‘trying to generate some controversy to get a bit of press’. I’ve never even heard of the ‘popular comedian’.

  3. John Clarke

    It certainly does happen in Colac to other minority groups. Being Aboriginal I may be tuned in to it; therefor you notice just how much more it does happen. But in 99% of occassions it is due to social conditioning and up bringing that results in unknown harm being done by the individual. There is 1% that is very deliberate about promoting division and harm in community. That gives them a simplistic way to identify a niche for themselves in the wider community; That sense of belonging to something. We need role models in all demographic groups to demonstrate the opposite and the fact that we all are part of the one community.

  4. Isn’t it a bit hypocritical that someone can stand on stage for 30 minutes hating on everyone, even calling a 13 year old a lesbian, and then can’t accept someone else’s opinion???? I thought you were very funny Joel, until I read this article. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out!!

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