MP says storm damage should be warning

Giant waves lash the Twelve Apostles during a weekend storm.

Climate change means more to come

CORANGAMITE MP Darren Cheeseman says storm damage to Apollo Bay’s coastline should act as a warning on the dangers of climate change.

Four-metre-high swells hit areas along the Great Ocean Road on the weekend, damaging 30 metres of Apollo Bay’s foreshore at an estimated cost of up to $150,000.

“Whilst this was a natural event, with climate change we will get more of these events and they will become more intense and we can see just how vulnerable our coastline is,” Mr Cheeseman said.

Storm damage to Apollo Bay's foreshore.

“Once significant sea level rise kicks in, that’s when we will see the Great Ocean Road breached and our tourism traders at a standstill,” he said.

“It’s a warning and a very good reason to act on climate change to prevent this sort of damage in my view.”

Otway Coast Committee executive officer Gary Pike said he had spoken to the Department of Sustainability and Environment and would develop a plan on the best way to rehabilitate the foreshore.

Darren Cheeseman

Mr McPike said he would consult with major stakeholders, VicRoads and Barwon Water, and planned to start work “in the next week or so”.

“It’s so that we can avoid further erosion – we’re five metres from the Great Ocean Road,” he said.

“If we don’t act on it in a timely manner there will be even greater affected areas.”

Meanwhile, Bureau of Meteorology duty meteorologist James Taylor said further coastal wind warnings would ease by this afternoon.

He said a new cold front would “freshen things up a bit”, but would not be as powerful as Sunday’s.

“There was a high pressure system that was located south of Western Australia and it was a fairly strong high and a very deep high pressure system and associated cold front moved south of Tasmania during Saturday and Sunday,” he said.

“The cold front went through Sunday and the severe weather was associated with that.”

2 Responses to “MP says storm damage should be warning”

  1. StrategicWithdrawal

    The world’s oceans are a very big heat sink. Being so deep they also have a huge time lag of mixing through the added heat, at least 1000 years. So the thermal expansion will continue unabated for 1000 years even if TODAY we all stopped exporting coal, became vegetarian, and travelled only by bicycle.

    So “get over it”: the only sensible affordable option is to retreat as the ocean advances. That is what the Dutch are planning to do.

    Remember King Canute? we should not repeat his mistakes.

  2. ian hodge

    storm surge, a warning on climate change , what diatribe,the only warning coming is ,cheesman wont serve another term.Abbott is right,labour have their heads in the sand still, oh sorry ,it is all washed away with their brains .lnp to rule again.